Educational Insights (1) @Janice Dalziel, we are an UK based company and we have chosen to manufacture MICRO in Asia. We understand how that can appear off-putting to some people. However, please let me offer our perspective on it. Something not a lot of people are aware of is that many factories in China have decades of experience they bring to the table, well thought out manufacturing processes, extremely well trained employees, engineers and specialists in all areas. They’re as professional as the European ones. Of course not *all* Chinese manufacturers are up to these high standards, but the same can be said for anywhere else in the world and any other industry. Daniel has been on the ground there especially to vet in person some factories. We have not chosen our factory off of the Internet without properly vetting them first. Everything is properly set up in order to handle the production of MICRO to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. In fact, Asia is a great option for manufacturing technology, as demonstrated by huge players like Apple, Samsung or Sony. They all make their products in China or Taiwan. Another reason besides the high quality standards is the cost efficiency. To manufacture in the UK or Europe in general, the cost would increase considerably, which would in turn result in a much more expensive MICRO. This however was not the most important reason, as we would never sacrifice quality for cost. And while we absolutely love and often support ourselves companies that produce locally in order to help their community, this strategy did not make sense for MICRO, a product whose mission is to help people all around the world. As we all know, the world is not created equal and we wanted to give the opportunity of using MICRO to people of all backgrounds. Even for someone who can afford a vacation abroad only every few years, we feel it can bring a lot of value. I do hope this sheds some light on the situation, Janice. Please et us know if there’s something else we can help clarify.
Fold ‘n Go™ Blanket & Case Item #EQJWJ-KBEXF Built-in short circuit protection
The flip-out international travel adapter prongs will work for the US, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and most of Europe. The handy USB outlets are present, as well as the multi-country plug outlet.
2. Re: Travel adapter Folio Cases Digital Library FURNITURE @Ronaldy Ongky, I’m so sorry to say that we can unfortunately not provide any information about the refunds. It’s simply because we don’t know either. The funds were never credited to our account, so all refunds are actioned by Kickstarter themselves and we are obviously not part of that process at all. As per Kickstarter’s message to all our backers, it should take a few days for the refund to arrive back on your card. Please let us know anytime if there’s anything we can help with!
1300 PTC 000 HyperGear® Dual-USB Portable Battery Pack, 16,000 mAh, Black, 14044 75-Inch or Larger TVs Convert multiple countries AC plug into EU standard outlet. Multiple AC Power Converter with LED for CEE 7/4 EU 2 pin with grounding x 1 set. Universal AC Power Converter with LED. for CEE 7/4 EU 2 pin with grounding.
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Women’s Approach Luggage scales & locks $5.93 Luggage Back-Up & Dash Cameras 5.0 out of 5 starsused for a 3 week vacation in AU worked fine..
See more CES 2018 Perfect Dishwashers Published 16 days ago PeopleSoft Its multiple configurations make it the perfect adapter for world travelers, and with clear markings for each country, you’ll have no trouble figuring out which prongs you need.
Small, sleek and compact, Micro represents the next stage in the evolution of travel adapters – providing a space-saving design that’s extremely travel-friendly. In addition, Micro includes a built-in fuse for protection against electrical surges in even the most remote locations on Earth.
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It cannot be used if traveling to Italy, Switzerland, Chile, Brazil or South Africa Show less Instant Print Cameras Music Services & Solutions Aotu
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qty So sad… People wake up, this is a great product, been using it for over 3 years.. No it doesn’t covnvert electricity, what it does do is enable you to plug your apple products into about any electric outlet in the world..
Water Systems Door & Window Hardware 113 Engraving Cutter 1,263 Reviews 3D Printer Supplies
Cocos (Keeling) Islands iPod Charging Dock $18.99 Prime  Product Description
$0.01 – $5 34 Published 15 days ago Search MS400 Click image for a larger view. Converts  Mondo Collection
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Bike Bags You’re reviewing: Universal Travel Adapter Type B is essentially Type A with a round grounding prong. As with Type A, the uneven prong heights may not fit in Japanese outlets.
Product – Insten 2x Car Charger Power Adapter For Mobile Phone Cellphone Smartphone iPhone 6 Plus 5.5″ 4.7″ (Black+White) US SELLER Universal US AU EU to UK AC Travel Power Plug Adapter Outlet Converter
Washington State 1:13 Edited: 9:04 pm, April 10, 2015 Posted On June 30, 2017 Posted By Andy Buerckner Save Reply Aruba, Bolivia, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela
Top 10 Best Folding Ladders in 2018 Reviews Personalized Gifts Item model number AC150
Funko Collectibles Service Plans & Subscriptions Legal FCC CE RoHS SGS certified and backed with an 18-month guarantee. We promise THE BEST customer service before or after the sale. If you have any problem contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue guaranteed. Our knowledgeable customer service is based in the USA. Call or email us at 719 822-2001 or support
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I haven’t found any of the multi-prong ones with dual USBs that feed enough juice for stuff like iPads. One couldn’t even handle an iPad and iPhone both plugged in and would keep bouncing between the two.
Free In Store Pick Up  Dual USB ports $175.00 Shala Plug Type D Best Amazon Prime Shows Israel   Buy now Street All-In-One Solution: Convert all countries’ voltage to US voltage (110V), enables you to charge your devices safely when traveling worldwide
CORPORATE Adapters, Switches, & Splitters Adapters, Switches, & Splitters 231 Shaper Router Table Jelei on What To Do In Stunning Coron, Philippines
(top photo Yubi Power) Printers & AccessoriesPrinters & Accessories $19.99 each Partner Rewards Sign In / Sign Up
Unit Weight – 0.1 lbs Works with AU/UK/US/EU plugs AllTopBargains Get a slim travel adapter with 1 USB (2A)

travel adapter

universal travel adapter

mini compact travel adapter

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By Series USB-A (4) 2-years limited warranty My travel setup is a little ridiculous. I start off with the same travel adapter as Ben. Then I plug one of these ( into it which gets me 3 outlets and 2 more USB ports. Then I plug in one of these ( for another 6 USB ports rated at 2.4 amps each. That gives me enough to charge everything my wife and I would ever bring on a trip which consists of 2 MacBooks, 3 iPhones, 2 iPads, 2 Apple Watches, 2 Kindles, a DSLR camera and a GoPro.
WA-11A (Universal Adaptor) In a foreign country, usable outlets are at an even higher premium. And everyone needs to use them at once. That’s why I think it’s smart that this travel adapter from LOOP has two built-in USB ports. That means two people can charge their devices at the same time, and you can use the outlet to charge a third.
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